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Cross Court Dinks
The dink shot is both a sword and a shield. It can be used to influence the movement of your opponents and it can be used to buy time when you get in trouble.
Dinks straight ahead are tough because the shot starts low. The risk is hitting into the net or up and into the opponent’s strike zone. Even a straight ahead volley can present an easy return from your opponent.
Cross court shots let you begin to shape the point without taking a big risk. It also offers your partner the opportunity to jump in at perfect moment.
  • Bend at the knees.
  • Paddle ready.
  • Move up close to the NVZ line. (If you stay back off the line you dramatically decrease your ability to change the tempo by reaching in for a winning volley.)
  • Stay flexible/light on your feet.
  • Move laterally (like a hockey goalie.)
  • Volley (take ball in the air) when you can.
  • Stay in the point…patience.
  • Take the up-tempo winner if you must….but wait for it if you can.