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Pickleburg At A Glance
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Pickleburg At A Glance
Pickleburg.com was created a decade ago with a singular goal in mind, to promote and grow the game of pickleball in Williamsburg and James City County. Today, we continue to advocate on behalf of ideas and activities that contribute to the growth of the game locally and its positive impact on wellness, fitness, and community.
What We Have Been Up To for the Past Decade
  • Sharing news and information about the game, the rules, and the gear.
  • Providing professional, affordable, game improvement coaching for developing players.
  • Promoting the game via print and digital media, interviews, podcasts, and presentations.
  • Encouraging our player community to share their passion for the game with others. 
  • Engaging with our community leaders, elected representatives and Parks & Recreation leaders/staff.
  • Participating in Public Forums exploring the future growth of the game and the projected venue requirements.
  • Partnering with vendors and manufacturers to provide equipment support for organizations with limited resources.
  • Supporting corporate team building and wellness programming activities.
  • Offering consulting services to individuals and organizations seeking to promote an active/collaborative pickleball community.

Our Local Early Adopters
Our earliest adopters have had front row seats to the transition from tape and temporary nets, to world-class public venues and dedicated courts in every major residential community. Listed below are a few of our area's earliest adopters, the people who decided to take a chance on a "game with the silly name most people had never heard of."
Ted Hanson, Ken Drees, Paige Sutton, Alice and Digger Krebs, Maryann Schwab, William Randolph, Bob Cleveland, John Beck, Al Zerafa, Bill Sherman, Fran Hermance, Paul Murr, Patti Gray, Lee Hauser, Dick Durst, Beverly Thomas, Mai Ignatius, and Bill Armbruster.