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About Pickleburg
Our Purpose Statement:
"Here at Pickleburg.com our primary focus is on promoting and growing the game of pickleball in Williamsburg and James City County, Virginia. We provide current news, information, and learning resources for the local player community as well as our nearby cities of Yorktown, Hampton, and Newport News."
What We Do and How We Do It:
  • Continuously review and publish information of relevance to our player community.
  • Promote the game via articles, interviews, and presentations.
  • Maintain regular contact with elected representatives and Parks & Recreation leaders/staff.
  • Participate in Public Forums exploring the future growth of the game and the projected venue requirements.
  • Conduct complimentary Introductory Demo's for individuals and groups new to the game.
  • Provide complimentary paddles and balls for groups without sufficient resources.
  • Contribute financial, equipment, and educational support to non-profit endeavors in Virginia and other states.
  • Encourage our members to share their passion for the game with others.