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The Ready Position
In the heat of competition it's nice to have a trusted voice in your head saying ".....my feet, my paddle, my balance are all set to play." The more you can prepare for an incoming ball the better your chances for an effective response. Developing a go-to ready position means you have a consistent, comfortable, balanced foundation for your shots.
Below are a few tips on creating a "ready position." Tinker with them to find what works best for you.
  • Feet slightly wider than shoulders in closed stance.
  • Weight slightly forward on balls of feet.
  • Slight bend at knees.
  • Paddle centered (comfortable height for you.). (Adding strip of colorful tape on end of paddle helps track paddle and ball.)
  • Limit paddle take-away and follow-through to hip width.
  • Rotate hips and shoulders against feet. (Feel the tension in your ankles/calves.)
  • Use non-paddle hand as counterbalance. (This is where your power comes from.)
  • Transfer weight forward toward target.
  • Contact with ball is forward of hips/knees.
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