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P3 Pickleball
Position-Placement-Patience. These three simple ideas can have a significant impact on every player's performance. Next time you play, pay attention to one category and self evaluate. How am I doing? Where are the opportunities to improve? And don't be shy....ask someone else for feedback.
POSITION. Before and during a point, your physical location on the court and alignment with your target has an influence on the outcome of the point. Are you moving in sync with your partner? Are you set-up to attack your opponents' vulnerabilities? Are you prepared to protect yours? Are you stuck somewhere in no-man's land or have you made a strong move to the NV Line?
PLACEMENT. Sure, we can all hit a dink shot, backhand, forehand, half-volley or overhead smash. The more important question is can we do it with intent? Intent is that conscious choice we make to place the ball in a specific location with a specific amount of pace. When you hit with intent you are also far better prepared for the opponent's return. Intent needs execution. Execution takes patience and lots of practice.
PATIENCE. Quiet your head, quiet your hands. Let the game come to you. If you take the shot you can make versus the one you wish you could make, you can begin taking control of a game. Rushing shots or taking high-risk shots may feel good....but winning a point by staying in it feels much better. Go slow to go fast.