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Know the Score
3 - 6 - 2
3 - The Serving Team's Score 
6 - The Opponent's Score  
2 - Which Person On the Serving Team Is Serving (First or Second Server)

Simple right?
Keeping score in pickleball is a source of confusion for just about everyone. It does gets easier over time, we promise!  Here are the Basics of Scoring from USA Pickleball. 
TIP: Can't remember if your score is ODD or EVEN.....check out this Memory Jogger:
Here is one more simple idea to help keep scoring straight: At the start of each game, make a mental note of the player that served first for each side. If the rotation is done correctly, a team’s score will always be even when that player is on the right and odd when that player is on the left. You might even want to have the game's Starting server on each side wear a colorful wristband.