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The Third Shot
Be honest. When serving, how often do you and your partner actually discuss the third shot and how you plan to use it? If you don't, you are missing a golden opportunity to off-set the receiving team's advantage.
The purpose of the “3d shot” is to buy time and help the serving team get to the NVZ line. Remember, the receiving team has the advantage of already having one player at the NVZ line.
Tip: Don't be ashamed to think/say "1-2-3" as you work on this shot. It's a great way to get this important shot imbedded in your game.
  • Arc ball up and over net to buy time.
  • Key on opponent’s return to decide on drop shot or deeper return.
  • Make opponent hit “UP.”
  • Transition to NVZ using split steps.
  • Shot may change as you move through No-Man’s Land
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