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Welcome to Pickleburg
Pickleburg.com is dedicated to the promotion of the game of pickleball and the continuing support of our player community. While our main focus is on the Williamsburg/James City County area we also welcome connections and information sharing with our neighboring communities throughout Hampton Roads.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback, questions, and pickleball news/events in your area. Thanks for stopping by.
"Play for fun. Play for life."® 

Do You Know Your USAPA Skill Level Rating?
The International Federation of Pickleball has established a helpful set of guidelines for determining skill levels. Even if you aren't planning to compete in tournaments it's never a bad idea to know what's working and where to focus your improvement efforts. Here is a good place to start.

Where To Play - Williamsburg/JCC
If you have a question or need a recommendation for venues/days/times that might best match your experience/playing level please Email or Text.
4 Outdoor Courts/Lighted (Note: Due to summer programs play may be limited to the dedicated pickleball courts during weekdays through July 27th. Schedule posted at courts.)
6 Outdoor Courts
3 Indoor Courts
2 Indoor Courts

Learning To Play Pickleball
Ready to get started? Drop us a note here and let us know.

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