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Welcome To Pickleburg
Pickleburg.com provides local pickleball news and game improvement resources for our local and visiting player communities. Registered Members have access to all website features.
(Cover Illustration: Danielle Chenette)

Williamsburg and James City County Public Places To Play
Venues listed below encourage a policy of open play/drop-in play. All players should actively look for opportunities to share the courts. Courts may be reserved (fee) but must be confirmed in advance with the respective venue.
Always a good idea to double check indoor venues as their hours may change without notice.
Veterans Park                  Quarterpath Recreation Center                        WISC         
Veterans Park (Outdoor)
(8 Courts/Lights) Daily 7am-10pm (Free)  Map/Contact
JCC Rec Center (Indoor)
(4 Courts) Tuesday 8:30-11:00am (Fee) Map/Contact
Quarterpath Rec Center (Indoor)
(6 Courts) Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am–12:30pm/Tuesday, Thursday 10am-12:30pm ($2) Map/Contact
Jamestown HS (Outdoor)
(6 Dual Use Courts) Daily when school not in session. Rarely used. Good practice/drill venue. No Restrooms. Map/Contact
WISC (Indoor)
(3 Courts) Monday-Friday 6:30am-3:30pm/Weekends 8:00am-2:00pm ($5)  Map/Contact
Places To Play in the USA

Arc Community Pickleball Challenge - Finals Sunday June 4th - 8am-1pm

Beat-The-Heat Frenzy

Be Disruptive
"If your opponent doesn’t change their game they are vulnerable. The same applies to your game. Never let your opponent get comfortable. Hit the "right" shot most of the time, but throw in a "wrong" shot often enough to keep them guessing. You can be consistent without being predictable."

Private Instruction and Coaching
Private & Semi-Private Lessons: 60-minute sessions narrowly focused on skill-building experiences for an individual, a couple, or playing partners looking for personalized/targeted instruction. (Details)
Doubles Coaching: 90-minute coaching sessions focusing on key elements of the doubles game. The sessions follow a "learn from within the game" approach combining observation, feedback, coaching, drills, and practice in a friendly, competitive, playing environment. (Details)