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Welcome To Pickleburg
Pickleburg.com is a free, on-line resource for our local and visiting player community in Williamsburg and James City County, Virginia. We focus on providing useful news, information, connections, and game improvement resources.

Public Places To Play
Veterans Park
(Outdoor - 8 Courts)
Open Play Daily 7am-10pm (Map)
During periods when court availability is limited, doubles play is encouraged.No personal chairs on courts. Bathrooms and H2O on-site. No fee.
Quarterpath Recreation Center
(Indoor - 6 Courts)
Closed/COVID19 (Map)
Jamestown High School
(Outdoor - 6 Courts)
Open Play Daily*/Dual Use (Map)
*JHS is currently on Path 1 (Remote Learning Only.) Court access remains available to public.
JCC Recreation Center
Closed/COVID19) (Map)


Virginia Pickleboo Classic 10/23-25
October 23-25, Singles, 70+, Mens/Womens Doubles, Mixed Doubles (Details)
Plus....NOVICE Brackets
Little or no tournament experience? 3.0 and below? The Virginia Pickleboo Classic will also have a special NOVICE bracket just for you. (Details)
Youth player families will sign up through an automated registry  and there they will join others for partnering, tournament opportunities, instruction, and general information about this growing nationwide movement. (Details)