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Why JCC Needs Additional Regulation Pickleball Courts
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Welcome To Pickleburg
Pickleburg.com is dedicated to the promotion and growth of pickleball in Williamsburg and James City County, Virginia. We provide information, resources, and connections for both our local and visiting player communities.

New To Pickleball?
Interested in learning how-to play pickleball? Consider setting up a complimentary one hour Quick-Start Intro® for friends, an organization, or your neighborhood. Contact us here.

Learning Resources
Sarah Ansboury Blog. Sarah Ansboury is a Tournament of Champions Gold/Silver medalist and four time medalist (incl Gold) at the USAPA National Tournament.
Pickleball 411. Excellent resource for tips and tutorials.
Hands-Only CPR. Time to be ready to save a life.
Players Rules Quiz. This 50-question Rules Quiz is designed as a fun exercise for players who mainly participate in non-officiated play.

Surgeon General's Warning
Pickleball is addictive. Excessive playing time on hard courts, particularly for new players, can contribute to what is commonly referred to as Green Legs and Hamstrings Syndrome (GLHs).
Toes, arches, ankles, Achilles tendons, calves, knees, and hamstrings are most commonly affected. All players are reminded to balance your passion for the game with the need to listen to your body.
Note: The Surgeon General obviously has far more important things to do than talk about Pickleball. That is not, however, the case here in Pickleburg. Check it out.

Why JCC Needs Additional Regulation Pickleball Courts
The game has changed. The growth in popularity has exploded in JCC. Painted lines and center-straps pulling down the nets on rarely used tennis courts was OK years ago. Not today.

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