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Welcome To Pickleburg
Pickleburg.com was created over a decade ago as a vehicle to promote and grow the game of pickleball in Williamsburg and James City County. You can read more about what we have been up to for the past 10+ years here. (Cover Illustration Provided Courtesy of Danielle Chennette.)

Williamsburg and James City County Public Places To Play
                  QP Rec Center                           Veterans Park                                  WISC
Veterans Park (Outdoor) (8 Lighted Courts/7am-10pm Daily/Open Play/Free)
WISC (Indoor) (3 Courts/Open Play/$/Schedule)
JCC Recreation Center (Indoor) (2 Courts/Open Play/$/Call for Schedule 757.259.4200)
Jamestown High School (Outdoor) (Outdoor/6 Dual Use Courts/Daily When School Not In Session/Open Play/Free)
Times change without notice. Call in advance to confirm daily schedules.

Lessons & Coaching
Private Lessons (60 minutes): Skill building instruction for 1 player. Recommended for players looking for targeted/personalized instruction. 

Coaching Workouts (90 minutes): Fine-tuning and improving existing skills and playing strategies. Combines observation, feedback, drills, and practice, all in a friendly, competition-driven playing environment.

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Game Improvement Tip #11
Every point we play involves input, options, and decisions. All coming at a pace that can feel overwhelming. Creating mental models is one way to take the edge off that challenge.
#11. Be disruptive. If your opponent doesn’t change their game they are vulnerable. The same applies to your game. Never let your opponent get comfortable. Hit the "right" shot most of the time, but throw in a "wrong" shot often enough to keep them guessing. You can be consistent without being predictable.