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Welcome To Pickleburg
"Pickleburg.com is a free, on-line resource for our local and visiting players. We focus on providing useful news, information, connections, and game improvement resources. For full access to the entire website please be sure to register below."  Jeff Anthony, Founder, Pickleburg.com

USA Pickleball 2021 Official Rules

Play Safe - Play Smart
COVID19 remains as a serious health threat. Let's all be sure to continue focusing on our Play Safe-Play Smart approach to public play. Physical distancing, masks at appropriate times, and hand/gear sanitizing matters.
As pickleball's popularity continues to grow so does the demand for court usage. Please take extra care to insure those waiting patiently on the sidelines are offered an opportunity to get on the court.
Veterans Park (Public/Free))
Outdoor - 8 Courts
Open Play Daily 7am-9pm
Jamestown High School (Public/Free)
Outdoor - 6 Courts - Dual Use
Open Play Daily when school not in session.
WISC (Private/Fee)
Indoor - 3 Courts
Open Play Monday-Friday 8am-2pm

A. 100% of all balls that cross the net have the chance of hitting you in the face. Wear protective eyewear.
B. 100% of all balls that land on the court are either IN or OUT.....and 100% of all line calls are a guess. Be generous.
C. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean 100% of the people waiting for the court aren't talking about you.

Used Paddles for Sale
GAMMA Needle
Used one season, surface excellent, grip is good.
Rogue 2Q
Brand new at Christmas, used twice.
$70 or best offer.