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Welcome To Pickleburg
Pickleburg.com provides pickleball news, information, and game improvement tips for our local and visiting player communities. We also advocate on behalf of ideas and activities that contribute to the growth of the game locally and its positive impact on wellness, fitness, and community. (Cover Illustration Provided Courtesy of Danielle Chennette.)

Public Places To Play
Veterans Park (Outdoor) (8 Lighted Courts/7am-10pm Daily/Open Play/Free)
WISC (Indoor) (3 Courts/Open Play/$/Schedule)
JCC Recreation Center (Indoor) (2 Courts/Open Play/$/Call for Schedule 757.259.4200)
Jamestown High School (Outdoor) (Outdoor/6 Dual Use Courts/Daily When School Not In Session/Open Play/Free)
Indoor schedules change often and without notice.
Call in advance to confirm daily schedules.

Photos from a Decade of Williamsburg Players and Events
From the earliest adopters to the events that shaped our shared pickleball journey.

July 8 (3.0-4.0) / July 29 (1.0-2.5)
Quarterpath Rec Center Williamsburg
July 18-24 Henrico, VA
August 2-4 Henrico, VA 
Discount Code: pickleburg
1st Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg PB Tournament December 7, 2024 Williamsburg
The Arc 3d Annual Community Pickleball Challenge  May 2-4, 2025 Williamsburg

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