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Welcome To Pickleburg
For nearly a decade Pickleburg.com has been providing news, information, and game improvement resources for our local and visiting player communities.
While our primary focus is Williamsburg and James City County, VA we are excited to have registered members and frequent visitors from throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. You can read more about Pickleburg here.
For full access to the website please be sure and Register. Thanks for visiting.

Local Places To Play - Williamsburg and James City County
Williamsburg/James City County venues listed below encourage a policy of open/drop-in play.When courts are busy please find ways to accommodate those players waiting to play. Courts may be reserved ($) but reservations must be confirmed in advance with the respective venue.
Veterans Park (Outdoor/8 Courts/Lights)
Daily 7am-10pm  (Free) Map/Contact
Quarterpath Rec Center (Indoor/6 Courts)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am–12:30pm Tuesday, Thursday 10am–12:30pm ($2 Daily Fee)  Map/Contact 
WISC (Indoor/3 Courts)
Monday-Friday (7am-9 am/Limited Summer Hours Due to Kids Camp)
Sunday (8-11am) ($5 Daily Fee) Map/Contact
JCC Rec Center (Indoor/4 Courts)
Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:00am (Daily Fee) Map/Contact 
Jamestown HS (Outdoor/6 Courts)
Daily when school not in session. (Free) Map/Contact
Note: Many of the local resorts and residential communities have excellent pickleball options for members, residents and guests.

Self-Guided Game Improvement Resources
If you are looking for self-help resources for improving your game Google can definitely find them. In fact, it will find tens of millions of options. The challenge is finding the voices that present information in a way that works for you. Here are three we really like.

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