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Welcome To Pickleburg
"Pickleburg.com is a free, on-line resource for our local and visiting players. We focus on providing useful news, information, connections, and game improvement resources. Registered members have full access to all website features.

Places To Play
Pickleburg.com strongly encourages all players to practice a health conscious Play Safe-Play Smart approach to the game. Let's also be mindful of the growing demand placed on public court access. Please rotate players and limit the number of games when others are waiting.
It's that time of year.
Lock your car. Do not leave valuables in your car.
Veterans Park (Public/Outdoor/Free)
Daily 7am-9pm
Quarterpath Recreation Center (Public/Indoor/Fee)
Jamestown High School (Public/Outdoor/Free)
Daily when school not in session.
JCC Recreation Center (Public/Indoor/Fee)
WISC (Private/Indoor/Drop-In Fee)
HR Sportsplex (Private/Indoor/Drop-In Fee)
Coming Summer 2021
Pickleball is also played in many of our residential communities. Examples include Kingsmill, Patriots Colony, Colonial Heritage, The Settlement, Fords Colony, Landfall, Williamsburg Landing.

Line Calls - There's A Good Chance You Were Wrong
Hard as we may want to think otherwise there really are only two elements that apply to line calls:
  1. Every ball is either in or out.
  2. Every line call is a guess.
Given the imprecise nature of our visual tools researchers predicted that due to a variety of factors there “should be a significant perceptual bias, so that balls that bounced on the line would be called “out” when they should have been called “in”.
Using Hawk-Eye 3D Imaging technology the data obtained confirmed the researchers’ prediction. Of the 83 points in which the referee made an error, 70 of the calls were in the predicted direction, i.e. "the position of the ball was misperceived to be shifted in the direction of motion, so that the referees judged them to be out of play when in fact they had bounced on the line.”
Be generous.

"Introduction To Pickleball" Clinics
James City County is offering "Introduction To Pickleball" clinics for Adults and Youth. These sessions are designed for those who have never played and will introduce the basic rules and playing fundamentals. All equipment is provided.

Interested in Playing Singles?
If you have an interest in becoming a better singles player.....take a look at the best Men's players in the world.

Game Improvement Resources
Improving your game isn't about any one thing, it's more about a lot of little things. Here's a good place to start:
Position-Placement-Patience. Every game improvement strategy should include these three fundamental building blocks.
Tips and Drills. The little things may seem trivial at first...but their effect is cumulative. Here are a few examples.
Next Level Performance. Building a solid, reliable, portable game requires a commitment to continuous learning, drilling, and practicing. That game is out there waiting for you...so let's get started.