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Welcome To Pickleburg
"Pickleburg.com is a free, on-line resource for our local and visiting players. We focus on providing useful news, information, connections, and game improvement resources. Registered members have full access to all website features.

Places To Play
Pickleburg.com encourages all players to follow an Open Play, inclusive approach at our public courts. Please rotate players and limit the number of games when others are waiting.
Veterans Park
Daily 7am-10pm
Quarterpath Rec Center
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8am – 10am (3 courts)
10am – 12:30pm (6 courts)
Tuesday, Thursday
10am – 12:30pm (6 courts)
Jamestown HS
Daily when school not in session.
JCC Rec Center
HR Sportsplex (Private/Indoor/$)
Coming to Newport News Summer 2021

Battle of the Paddle - July 24/25
Saturday: Men & Women's Doubles
Sunday: Mixed Doubles
Round Robin Into Bracket Play
Registration Deadline: Monday, July12, 2021

Coaching and Lessons
Our goal is to help you develop a solid, reliable, portable game you can take anywhere and play with confidence. All sessions are led by a USA Pickleball/PPR Certified Teaching Professional. Read more.....

Discounts on Paddles, Balls, Apparel
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