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Welcome To Pickleburg
Pickleburg.com provides pickleball news, information, and learning resources for Williamsburg and James City County, Virginia. Membership is always free and is open to both our local and visiting player community.

Public Places To Play
Quarterpath Recreation Center  Map/Contact
Due to scheduled events and maintenance there will be no pickleball on the following dates:
July 7/18 & 7/25
August 4 - September 3
Until those closing dates the following schedule applies:
M/W/F 8am-1pm | Tue/Thur 1-4:30pm | Saturday 9am-6pm
3 courts (Option to expanded to 6.) H20 and Restrooms
JCC Recreation Center Map/Contact
2-4 courts available on limited basis. H20 and Restrooms
Schedule varies.
Veterans Park  Map/Contact
Available all day/every day (lighted courts.)
2 dedicated pickleball courts/2 dual use courts. H20 and Restrooms
(Courts scheduled for maintenance Mid-July.)
Jamestown High School Map/Contact
Available only during non-school hours.
6 dual-use (pickleball/tennis) courts.
Pickleball lines are painted black, making line calls nearly impossible. No H20 or Restrooms
 Email or text us for information on where/when various self-organized groups might be playing.

USA Pickleball Association Membership Information
The USA Pickleball Association is the national governing body for the sport of pickleball in the US and provides players with official rules, tournaments, rankings and promotional materials.
Join today!

Reboot Clinics
Have you checked out our Reboot Clinics? This 2 hour clinic is an excellent opportunity for players to revisit the essential elements of a well balanced game.
If you would like to join a wait list or schedule your own 4-player session please drop us a note.

Doubles Dingles and Grinder Singles
If you are really proud of your play at the NVZ you'll want to showcase those skills at the  Doubles Dingles and Grinder Singles competition. Details coming soon.

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