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Welcome To Pickleburg
"Pickleburg.com is a free, on-line resource for our local and visiting player community. We focus on providing useful news, information, and game improvement resources. Registered members have full access to all website features.

Learn To Play Pickleball (Free)
James City County Parks & Recreation is offering free "Introduction to Pickleball" clinics January-March for adults (18+) who have never played. All equipment is provided. Advance registration is required.
January (Full)  -  February (Full)  -  March (Full w/Waitlist)

2022 Official Rulebook
The 2022 Official Rulebook is available for FREE Download here. You can also download the 2022 Rulebook and save it to your iPhone App or Android.

New Kid On the Block
OK...everyone is looking for the perfect ball that plays well, stays round, and lasts forever. Well, here is one you have most likely never played. The Photon by GAMMA.
Initial feedback has been very favorable (from local intermediate and advanced players.) Durability data will be posted here once we have more experience with the product.

Upcoming Events
Jacksonville, NC
March 3-6, 2022

Williamsburg/JCC Places To Play
Drop-In Play: When courts are full please be mindful of other players waiting to play. Upon completion of a game, those waiting should be offered an opportunity to play.
Veterans Park (Outdoor/Free)
Daily 7am-10pm 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am–12:30pm  
Tuesday, Thursday 10am–12:30pm
Facemasks Required
JCC Rec Center (Indoor/Fee)
Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:00am
Jamestown HS (Outdoor/Free)
Daily when school not in session.
Monday-Sunday (Call for Hours)

2021 US Open