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"Pickleburg.com is a free, on-line resource for our local and visiting player community. We focus on providing useful news, information, and game improvement resources. Registered members have full access to all website features.

GAMMA 505 Release Date
12.5.21 11:00 Eastern

A Message from Mother Nature
"Yes, it is windy now at Veterans Park. And yes, I do it just to mess with pickleball players. The good news is your friends with JCC Parks & Recreation are well aware of my bad habits and are working on options."

Rethinking Your Return of Serve
How often do you hear people say a deep return is the best way to return a serve? As it turns out, the data collected on top level players suggests there might be more to learn here.

Williamsburg/JCC Places To Play
Drop-In Play
When courts are full please be mindful of other "drop-in" players waiting. Upon completion of a game, those waiting should be offered an opportunity to play.
Reserved Courts
Exclusive use of a specific court is not allowed unless the court has been reserved in advance ($) through the respective venue.
Veterans Park (Outdoor)
Daily 7am-10pm
Quarterpath Rec Center (Indoor)
*Facemasks Required*
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am – 12:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday10am – 12:30pm
Jamestown HS (Outdoor)
Daily when school not in session.
Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex