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Lob Returns in Doubles
A lob is an intentional tool a team can use to buy time, reset the point, and get out of a jam. The return of a lob can be an equally impactful tool when done properly. Below are a few videos to help you and your partner perfect your strategy and technique:
All you need to know. Simple video but it has everything you need to know about returning a lob. Notice how smooth the move on the ball is and how relaxed and  in-control they are when return the lob. Another point they mention is to keep your eye on the ball. Turn, run, leave space between you and the ball.
Offensive vs Defensive Lob. Regardless of the name they really are intended to buy time for your team to do something (like get back in position or force opponent out of position.)
Partners. Note how they move together. For lob returns they tend to move back together as well. For cross court lobs that allows them chance for one partner to make return on other partner’s side of court (with a much better angle.) The key there is to TALK to each other as soon as that lob goes up.
Returning the Lob. This video is OK. Focus on two things as you watch it. First…the way the player gets back to the ball….the turn and the smooth move back. Second, the thoughtful return shot. Intentional. Creates space for your team to get back to net.
Partners Switching during Lob Return. Lots of prctice and coordination required on this. Doesn’t always happen….but if your partner crosses to grab lob on your side you want to think ahead to the opponent’s return…and protect your court.