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Line calls are always a guess. Be generous.
In a test using the Hawk-Eye Ball Tracking System when referee’s made an error, 83% of those errors were “out calls.” Why? Because The perception of a moving object shifts in the direction of motion.“The researchers therefore predicted that there should be a significant perceptual bias, so that balls that bounced on the line would be called “out” when they should have been called “in”.
The data obtained confirmed the researchers’ prediction. Of the 83 points in which the referee made an error, 70 of the calls were in the predicted direction: the position of the ball was misperceived to be shifted in the direction of motion, so that the referees judged them to be out of play when in fact they had bounced on the line.” 
If you are making calls from well away from the ball the odds of getting it right are stacked against you.