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Good Is the Enemy of Great
With so many opportunities available locally/regionally it's absolutely natural to want to step into the tournament arena. After all, you've been winning more recreational games than you've been losing. But what if the skills that got you where you are aren't quite up to taking you where you want to go? Being good at something can keep you from becoming great.
The key ingredient most often missing? A partner who can be counted on to generate shots consistently, accurately, and maintain excellent court position. (Hint: It's not your partner...it's your partner's partner.)
In recreational play you are essentially speed dating....pairing up with a new player each game. In tournament play there will be more teams who play together often (and move together, and trust each other, and know where their partner will be on the court, where they will place the ball, and how they will communicate a shift in tactics or strategy.)
In recreational play a good team's vulnerabilities can sometimes be masked by one player's strengths. In tournament play they cannot....at least not for long. Don't let being good get in the way of becoming great. To make the move from good to great partners need to get better together. The journey might not be as long as you think.