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Are You Throwing Away Your Only Competitive Advantage?
Think about it. If you are receiving the serve, your partner is already positioned at the non-volley line. Both opponents on the serving side are stuck way back in the court, for a very good reason. The rules dictate that both the serve and the return must bounce. They must play deep, waiting for your return to hit the floor.
You, on the other hand, have made a thoughtful/in-control return*, following it to the net (no time for lollygagging), joining your partner, and presenting your opponents with a disruptive obstacle. Now they must make some difficult choices, in real-time, they would not have had to make had you stayed back after returning your serve. Too bad for your opponent's because you have a solid plan, you have put all the right pieces in place...and now you wait.
Missing a service return might just be the worst error you make in a game. That's a point you are supposed to win.  In fact, the receiving team should win 60 – 70% of the points contested (just like tennis and volleyball.) All three sports are built around this premise. And when you are winning a point, the serving team is robbed of the point. When you blow return out of bounds you have given them a free point. Ouch!
Put your energy and focus into preserving your edge when receiving serve.
BTW.....Pump up the point by letting your partner know where you plan to place your return. Now your partner can visualize success, get the position and footwork ready, without having to guess which opponent will most likely be making the third shot. A little thing with big potential.

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