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Open Play Venues in JCC/Williamsburg
Public Venues Where Pickleburg Members Are Playing.
Members of our player community manage to wind up frequenting all the open play/drop in public venues. 
For specific questions about when/where various Pickleburg players tend to gather Call or Text.
Quarterpath Recreation Center (Williamsburg/Memberships/Daily Fee/M/W/F/Sat Call in advance to confirm schedule. (757)259-3760)  Website. Playing Conditions: 6 courts (3 in use per schedule, all 6 in use for tournaments.) Excellent amenities:Restrooms, H20, parking.
Playing Conditions: 4 courts total, 2 generally in use. Excellent amenities: Full service gym.

Playing Conditions: 2 dedicated pickleball courts/2 dual use (pickleball/tennis) courts. Resurfacing (possible reconstruction) due in Fall 2019. Excellent amenities: Restrooms, H20, picnic tables, shelter, parking (GO SLOW!)
Playing Conditions: 6 dual-use (pickleball/tennis) courts. Excellent surface conditions. Black line markings for pickleball are very difficult to see. No restrooms/H20.

Pickleburg.com is not affiliated with any public or private venue.