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Coaching and Lessons
PRIVATE LESSON (1 Player/60 minutes)
A private lesson is a custom, skill development learning experience for one person. The instruction targets a specific element of the game based on player interest. ($55*)
COACHING SESSION (4 Players/90 minutes)
A coaching session provides a blend of real-time game improvement feedback and instruction while practicing in a friendly/competitive environment. These sessions are ideal for newer/developing players interested in reviewing and reinforcing key elements of the doubles game. ($150*)
* Instruction is conducted at Veterans Park and includes court rental fee. A discount is available if instruction is conducted on your neighborhood/residential community courts. 

Jeff Anthony is an experienced player, PPR Certified Teaching Professional and Founder of Pickleburg.com.
"As a teaching professional my focus is on helping you build a solid, reliable game you can take anywhere and play with confidence. Whether you choose a private lesson or a 4-player coaching session you can expect to have fun and work hard. Feel free to call, text, or drop me a note."  Jeff Anthony, Pickleburg.com