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Hello. My name is Jeff Anthony. I am the Founder of Pickleburg.com and a USA Pickleball/PPR Certified Teaching Professional. I also play pickleball way too much (if that’s even possible.)
My approach to teaching and learning is pretty simple. The focus is always the same….helping you build a more solid, reliable, portable game you can take anywhere and play with confidence.
Simple…..not necessarily easy. It’s a partnership and it can ask a lot from you. Like so many things in life, if it matters to you the investment of time and energy is worth it.
If you would like to chat about your own game improvement interests you can connect with me directly here.

Private Lessons (1:1): If there is a particular part of your game that needs attention a private lesson might be the answer. Sometimes we find our overall game feels about right but we just can’t seem to master a specific shot or movement on the court. With a private lesson we can drill into the mechanics and the movement at the same time. Expect to work hard. (60 minutes/1 person/$40)
(In this case the learner is working on lob recovery. The court markers show both the flight of the ball and the player's path back to the baseline to return the lob. No backing up for this player!)

Small Group Clinics (1:4): Having lots of tools in your toolbox is nice. Knowing how to use them is an entirely different thing. That’s where clinics can add value to your game. By drilling and practicing with a partner you have the opportunity to immediately put the learning to use in a friendly, competitive setting. All drills used in my clinics are easily transferred to post-clinic practice back on your home court. (90 minutes/4 Players/$35ea)

A few examples of previous clinics:
Pickleball Essentials. Ideal for "newer" players who have playing experience but want to revisit and reinforce the fundamentals.

Playing At the Baseline. The price of admission to every point is paid at the back court (the baseline.) We'll work on different types of serves, service returns, and the third shot using a combination of drills and practice.
Playing at the Non-Volley Zone. The prime real estate in pickleball is at the front of the court (the Non-Volley Zone.) Although it only accounts for 1/3 of the court the majority of points are won and lost right there. We'll work on court position, movement, dinking, blocks, and lob returns.