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Lessons & Clinics
Our focus is on helping you develop a solid, portable game you can take anywhere and play with confidence.
Lessons and Clinics are conducted by Jeff Anthony (USA Pickleball/PPR Certified Teaching Professional.)

Introduction to Pickleball (Free).
Never played pickleball? Pull together a group of 4 players and our USA Pickleball Ambassador will get you started....for free. We provide all the gear, you provide the energy!
Private Lessons.
Personalized instruction targeting specific elements of the game. (1 hour/$40)
Pickleball Essentials Clinic.
This 4-player clinic revisits and reinforces the essential elements of a well rounded game. Both Front Court and Back Court play are covered. Emphasis is on Position, Placement and Patience. Drills used in clinics are easily transferred to post-clinic practice. (90 minutes/$35ea)
Playing Clinic. 4-person playing session that offers opportunity for friends to play in a competitive game setting and receive immediate/real-time feedback and coaching. (1 hour $20ea)