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Private Instruction and Coaching
We offer private/semi-private lessons and game improvement coaching for all levels of play. Sessions are conducted by Jeff Anthony, Founder of Pickleburg.com. Jeff is a Charter Member of the Professional Pickleball Registry and a PPR Certified Teaching Professional.
Private & Semi-Private Lessons
These 60-minute sessions are narrowly focused skill-building experiences for an individual, a couple, or playing partners looking for personalized/targeted instruction.
Private Lesson (1 person/1 hour) $60 
Semi-Private Lesson (2 persons/1 hour) $75 
(Indoor sessions @WISC require an additional $5pp court fee.)
Game Improvement Coaching
These 90-minute coaching sessions focus on key elements of the doubles game. The sessions follow a "learn from within the game" approach combining observation, feedback, coaching, drills, and practice in a friendly, competitive, playing environment.
4 Players (1.5 hours) $40pp
(Indoor sessions @WISC require an additional $5pp court fee.)
Quick-Start Introduction To Pickleball for Beginners
For those who have never played the game we offer an affordable 90-minute Quick-Start Introductory Clinic for beginners that gets everyone on the court fast and has you playing a full game before you leave. All equipment provided. 4:1 student/instructor ratio. (4 players / 1.5 hours / $20pp)