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"It's not just a game, it's your game.”®
Improving your game isn’t just about mastery of a particular shot. It is also about managing the 'real estate.' In the end, what’s in your head is just as important as what is in your tool kit. The goal of our coaching approach is to help you build a solid, portable game you can take anywhere and play with confidence.
We also offer competition focused coaching/fine-tuning prior to tournaments.
Our philosophy about the game is simple: "You may never be as good as you want, but you should always strive to be as good as you can." Jeff Anthony, Pickleburg.com

Feedback from Players
"I wanted to tell you that I won the gold medal in men’s singles competition at the Buffalo Riverworks Tournament this past Friday. I was undefeated in five matches but lost two games overall. I lost the first game of the gold medal match 11-0 then won the next two games … do you believe it? Thanks for all your coaching (you are a great coach)." Don T. (Williamsburg, VA)
"Your coaching session made me think a lot and today. For the first time ever, I was a thinking player...or at least I tried to be!  And I won a lot too, which was also fun since I'd not experienced that!  Down the middle I kept telling myself. It worked! Thanks so much. I enjoy the way you coach!” Marcia D. (Williamsburg, VA)
"My friend and I found our experience with our coach to be very helpful while still having a great time!
My coach was very insightful and identified areas in our game that needed improvement and we were able to work on them while playing with a great group of players. Fun sessions, great feedback, positive attitude. Love my new grip!"
Linda E. (Chambersburg, PA)
“A great introduction to the game, including strategy, rules, how the club works, etc. Whets my appetite for more playing time!” M. Garrett (Williamsburg, VA)

Jeff Anthony is the lead coach at Pickleburg.com. Jeff learned many of his coaching techniques while working on individual and team performance coaching projects with organizations including the US Army, USMC, and NFL teams including the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons.