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Lessons & Clinics
Our focus is on helping you develop a solid, portable game you can take anywhere and play with confidence. Whether you decide on a private lesson or a small group clinic we will make sure the experience is fun, challenging, and worth the investment.
Lessons and Clinics are conducted by a USAPA/PPR Certified Professional.


Private Lessons
Personalized instruction targeting specific elements of the game. (1 hour/$40)
Small group instruction focusing on building and reinforcing skills. Each clinic uses a combination of feedback, drills, and game situations to maximize learning.
  • Pickleball Reboot Clinic. This clinic revisits and reinforces the essential elements of a well rounded game. Topics include court position, front court play (@NVZ), back court play (serve, return of serve, 3d shot), block shots and lob recovery. Clinic participation is organized by skill/experience levels. (2-hours/$35ea)
  • Competition Tune-Up. Communication-Position-Placement-Patience.....work out the kinks with your partner and receive immediate, constructive feedback in a competitive environment. (90 minutes/$25ea)
  • Built-To-Order. We can build a learning session tailored to your group's specific interests. (Fee based on clinic duration.)
Introduction to Pickleball
Never played pickleball? Pull together a group and we'll get you started....for free. We provide all the gear, you provide the energy!