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Coaching & Lessons
It’s not just a game, it’s your game.®
Our primary focus is on helping players build a portable game they can take anywhere and play with confidence. We offer challenging, performance driven learning experiences for Newer, Intermediate, and Advanced level players.
Private/Semi-Private Lessons provide an opportunity for individual players, couples, or partners to receive personalized instruction tailored to specific elements of the game.
Fee:(1 player / 60 minutes / $45) | 2 Players / 90 minutes / $35 ea)
Build-Your-Own Clinics allow you the chance to host your own 4-player learning experience that zeros in on your group's specific interests. You invite the players, we work with you on the design.
Fee: (4 players / 2 Hours / $35 per player.)
Reboot Clinics are for 2.5 - 4.0 skill level players interested in revisiting and reinforcing the essential elements of a well rounded doubles game. The primary focus is on techniques to improve consistency, accuracy, and court position. The limited group size offers more practice opportunities in a game setting.
Fee: (4 players / 2 Hours / $35 per player.)
Jeff Anthony
PPR, Certified Professional
Virginia Senior Games Gold/Silver Medalist