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Lessons and Clinics
(Images courtesy 360 Pickleball.com)

FREE Introduction To Pickleball: If you have never played pickleball, grab a few friends and host your own private session. There's no cost, we provide the paddles and balls, you provide the energy!
Private Lessons: Excellent opportunity for you to improve on the basic shots or add a more advanced shot to your inventory. (1 person / 60 minutes / $40)
Semi-Private Lessons: By adding a second person you can expand the learning experience to include court position and doubles strategy. (2 people / 90 minutes/ $30 ea)
DIY Small Group Clinics: You put together your own group and identify specific focus areas to work on. By learning with other players with similar experience you get the added benefit of working on consistency, accuracy, and court position in a game environment. (4 people / 2 hours / $35 ea)
Pickleball Essentials: Even experienced players sometimes overlook how important the basics are to building a solid, reliable game. This clinic revisits the essentials including court position, serve, serve return, 3d shot drop, and play at the Non-Volley Line. (4 people / 2 hours / $35 ea)
Three + Pro: All competitive play with targeted feedback and reinforcement.(3 people + PPR Certified Professional / 90 minutes $25 ea)

Jeff Anthony is an experienced player, coach, and Virginia Senior Games Gold/Silver medalist. Jeff is the Founder of Pickleburg.com, a PPR Charter Member and Certified Professional.
Prior to life as a pickleball passionista Jeff had the good fortune to learn from some of the best high performance conditioning and training experts in the business, including the US Army, Dallas Cowboys, and Atlanta Falcons. (Jeff has also conducted pickleball clinics for 7-9 and 10-12 year olds.) 
"As a professional trainer and coach my focus is on helping you develop a solid, portable game you can take anywhere and play with confidence. Whether you elect to participate in a private lesson or a small group clinic I will make sure the experience is safe, fun, and challenging."   Jeff Anthony - PPR Certified Professional