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Lessons and Playing Clinics
There is simply no way around it. Building a consistent, portable game you can take anywhere and play with confidence takes a commitment of time and energy. Our PPR Certified Teaching Professional can help you work toward building that game.

Private Lesson
(1 person/60 minutes)
A private lesson is a narrowly focused learning experience targeting a particular element of the game. It could be a specific shot, a playing technique, or the integration of both. The lesson can introduce something new to your skill-set or simply improve a technique. By request.
Playing Clinic
(4 people/90 minutes)
A playing clinic provides players an opportunity to smooth out the rough edges by introducing, reviewing and reinforcing the essential elements of a well balanced doubles game. We combine skills, drills, and practice in a friendly, competitive playing environment. By request.

Feedback Is the Breakfast of Champions
Every player has strengths and vulnerabilities. Knowing what they are is the first step in charting a game improvement path forward. Do you know yours?

About Your Instructor. Jeff has been playing pickleball recreationally since 2012 and founded Pickleburg.com in 2013. He has decades of hands-on experience in high-performance team training and development. He is also a Virginia Senior Games Gold Medalist (Singles.) Jeff became a PPR Certified Professional in 2019. (Fun Fact: Jeff took his very first formal lesson from a young college student....Ben Johns.)
  • What does it mean to become certified as a PPR Professional? PRO is PPR's highest level of certification, while COACH is where most instructors are certified at initially.
  • How many certified instructors achieve the PRO level? Historically, approximately 15% of workshop participants achieve the PRO level on their first attempt.