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Private Lessons & Group Clinics
Our Approach To Learning
Our goal is to help you build a solid, reliable, portable game you can take anywhere and play with confidence. Expect to have fun. Expect to work hard. All sessions are conducted by a USA Pickleball/PPR Certified Teaching Professional.
COVID19 Limitations: With current health guidelines in place we are only able to offer lessons to local members of Pickleburg.com.

Private Lessons. This is personalized coaching and instruction for one person. Learning design is 100% targeted to your specific game improvement interests.(60 minutes/1 person/$40)

Group Clinics (PE 1 & PE 2). These two sessions are perfect for "newer/developing" players who have some playing experience but have never received formal instruction. In each session we will match-up partners then revisit and reinforce the essential elements of a well rounded game using a combination of drills and practice. By working with a partner in a game environment you experience both the shots and the court positioning. Drills used in clinics are easily transferred to post-clinic practice.
(PE 1) Playing at the Baseline. The price of admission to every point is paid at the back court (the baseline.) We'll work on different types of serves, service returns, and the third shot using a combination of drills and practice. (4  players/90 Minutes/$35ea)
(PE 2) Playing at the Non-Volley-Line. The prime real estate in pickleball is the front of the court (the Non-Volley Zone.) Although it only accounts for 1/3 of the court the majority of points are won and lost right there. We'll work on court position, movement, dinks, volleys, blocks, and lob returns. (4  players/90 Minutes/$35ea)