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Pickleburg - The Idea
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Pickleburg - The Idea
The original idea behind Pickleburg was simply to help people get started. As time passed it began to include more about how-to-get-better.
Today, we are able to reach well beyond those modest goals:
What We Do and How We Do It:
  • Continuously review and publish information of relevance to our player community.
  • Promote the game via articles, interviews, and presentations.
  • Maintain regular contact with elected representatives and Parks & Recreation leaders/staff.
  • Participate in Public Forums exploring the future growth of the game and the projected venue requirements.
  • Conduct complimentary Introductory Demo's for individuals, organizations, and communities new to the game.
  • Partner with vendors and manufacturers to provide equipment support for non-profit organizations in Virginia and other states.
  • Encourage our members to share their passion for the game with others.