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What Is Pickleball?
“Pickleball.” An odd name for a wildly popular sport most people have never heard about.
Pickleball is the late 60's creation of Joel Pritchard (Congressman/State of Washington) and successful businessman Bill Bell. Although both Joel and Bill are no longer with us they left behind a legacy of fun and fitness that will last for generations.
Played on a hard surface court (indoor and outdoor), pickleball combines some of the best elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, in a fast paced game of skill and strategy. The paddles are solid (no strings) and the balls used are essentially a perforated plastic ball slightly less than 3” in diameter. Specifications for both the paddles and the balls are strictly monitored by the USAPA.
Of course, the best way to understand what pickleball is all about is to get out and play. It’s a game meant to be played, played by anyone, and played without the need for expensive lessons or equipment.
Who Can Play Pickleball? Everyone!
Check out this wonderful video from the USAPA 2012 National Pickleball Tournament