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Quick-Start Introduction To Pickleball
If you have never played the game you are in the right spot to get started. We offer a 90-minute Quick-Start Introductory Clinic for beginners that gets everyone on the court fast and has you playing a full game before you leave. All equipment provided. 4:1 student/instructor ratio.
(4 players / 1.5 hours / $20pp / Discounts available for larger groups.)
Ready To Get Started?
5 important things to know before you step onto the court.....
  • The game will take everything you have to give, so don't over-do-it during those first few experiences.
  • Stretch, warm-up and be mindful of any physical limitations that might affect movement.
  • Wear court/tennis shoes. Running shoes are a no-no since they are made for going forward....not backwards or sideways.
  • Protective eyewear is always a smart choice.
  • At the end of a few games your joints and muscles may yell at you a bit...but your spirit will say "when can I play again!"