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Building Your Best Game
There is no escaping it. Pickleball is a fast-paced game that rewards smart choices and punishes the rest. The good news is you can increase the probability of success when you take the time to build your game on solid ground.
Create Your Default Ready Position.
The more you can prepare for an opponent's shot the better your chances for an effective response. Developing a go-to ready position means you have a consistent, comfortable, balanced foundation for your shots. Less time reacting and more time for executing your shot. Read more here.....
Include These Three Essential Elements in Every Game
When you watch experienced partners play you can almost feel the "flow" of each point as it unfolds. That flow is built around three essential elements. Position-Placement-Patience. When something isn't working for you this is the first place to look. These aren't luxuries. They are necessities for those looking to build that solid, reliable, portable game. Read more here....