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Welcome to Pickleburg
Pickleburg.com is web-based resource dedicated to the promotion of the game of pickleball and the continuing support of our local and visiting player community. While our main focus is on the Williamsburg/James City County area we also welcome connections and information sharing with our neighboring communities throughout Hampton Roads.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback, questions, and pickleball news/events in your area. Thanks for stopping by.

Rule Change (Calling Score)
New Rule:
4.A.1. The entire score must be called before the server begins his or her service motion.
Old Rule:
4.I. Stated that serving before the score is called shall result in a fault and loss of serve. This could have been interpreted as before the ball is struck so the rule was clarified.

2018 USAPA Pickleball Fact Sheet
The USAPA Pickleball Fact Sheet provides a comprehensive state-of-the-game review. This is an excellent resource covering topics like history, equipment, tournaments, paddle test results, approved balls, grants, and player statistics.

Pickleburg Member Discounts
All Registered Members of the Pickleburg community now have direct access to discounts and special offers from some of the sport's top brands.

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