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Welcome to Pickleburg
Pickleburg.com is dedicated to the promotion of the game of pickleball and the continuing support of our local and visiting player community. While our main focus is on the Williamsburg/James City County area we also welcome connections and information sharing with our neighboring communities throughout Hampton Roads.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback, questions, and pickleball news/events in your area. Thanks for stopping by.

Our Brand Partners
Pickleburg.com has built a strong relationship with some of the best brands in the business. If you find a product you like on any of their websites let us check to see if we can grab a discount for you.

Why Those Darn Spin Shots Are So Hard To Return
Gyroscopic Precession is the phenomenon in which the axis of a spinning object (e.g., a gyroscope) describes a cone in space when an external torque is applied to it.
Translation? When you hit a rapidly spinning ball with your paddle the result will be in a direction 90 degrees from where you strike the ball. Simple. :P)

Drop-In-Play in Williamsburg/JCC
Here in Williamsburg/James City County when it comes to learning and playing the game there is room for everyone and all skill levels.
To find out more about public Drop-In-Play schedules, skill levels, and introductory sessions click here.

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